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Em...since this community has been fairly dormant the last month and I'm just looking for any excuse to post something, here are some lyrics I'm working on. Already got a tune figured out.

It's Monday, you're putting on another play,
In the backseat of my car, and the girl from the bar is the star,
It's Monday, no one in the driveway,
Wonder what she will have written on her butt today

I've gotta say you sicken me in everyway,
It's Monday, coffee's much to strong for me,
Oh someday you'll realize life is only wasted time, standing in line, waiting to die,
The fact remains, this house is mine, do the dishes, cause I don't really have the time,

It's Monday, no responsibility,
It's Monday, less you've got something to say; go away,
Take the redhead and the Chevrolet

It's Monday, nobody at work today,
Guess it's Sunday anyway

[And it ain't done yet! Be gentle!]
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