mr_notfox (mr_notfox) wrote in alphabetic_rain,

from me to him.

He was the most amazing boy she ever saw. Even when he cried his smile was the most beautiful frown in the world. When he looked in her eyes she felt complete and when he held her hand she knew he was her life. But every now and then she would get scared, she knew without him she was nothing, and she wanted to be anything but nothing. She lay there at night, nightmares filling her head about the day her life would leave, but that day never seemed to come.

He stayed her her side and held her hand through every nightmare she ever dreamt. Sometimes he woud have to get up to get a drink of water and sometimes he began to doubt what he had, and it was at these times she cried in her sleep and woke up with scars up her arms from holding onto herself so tightly in fear. But when he wasnt thristy and didnt doubt, no matter how much he reassured her she still had nightmares everytime she closed her eyes. He sat by her bed and kept her awake so she didnt have to close her eyes and for a while she didnt but slowly and surely she began to grow more and more tired, and finally she fell asleep once again. She wasnt alone in her dreams that night, he was there beside her, they were floating outside his bedroom widow looking in, there he lay holding his eyes wide open. She smiled in her sleep.

They created each others worst nightmare and each others most amazing dream. They were love. They are you and me.

I love you.

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